Meet Nexthink…

Find and fix IT problems with advanced end-user analytics software.

86% of employees don’t notify the IT helpdesk about their PC problems. So how do you fix problems and security vulnerabilities you don’t even know about? Step in end-user analytics software from Nexthink, delivered by Neeko Tech.

What does Nexthink do?

Think of Nexthink as a search engine for your entire IT estate, giving you total visibility into everything that’s happening. Powerful stuff, right?

Nexthink’s end-user analytics software provides your IT team with all the big data they want and need, to be able to make smarter decisions on a day-to-day basis. Unlike other solutions, Nexthink focuses on the end-user as well as back end infrastructure like servers and networks. 

INCREASE IT Productivity

Give IT the tools they need to get more done and see the benefits across your organisation.


Nexthink helps you solve all IT issues proactively before your employees are impacted. 

A more intelligent technology refresh cycle.

Nexthink enables public sector IT to concentrate on ALL devices connected to your infrastructure. Instead of looking at back-end operations you can focus on the impact on your end-users, and see just how your new environment is performing, where the gaps are, and where further improvements are needed.

ROI in 3 months

Organisations deploying Nexthink typically see ROI within 3 months.


Nexthink lets you see detailed data about your entire IT estate.

Key features of Nexthink

End-user analytics and IT Big Data software to make your CIO happy, your IT team more effective and your end-users or employees more productive.

End-user focused

Unlike other analytics tools, Nexthink allows you to focus on your end-users and improve their experience.

Find all issues

Nexthink makes it quick and easy to find and fix all IT problems on your network.


Vastly improve your technology refresh cycle by ensuring replacement requirements are understood.

IT Governance

Get essential visibility and insight into IT operations and security for IT Governance.

Improved security

Find out where your network’s security weak points are respond instantly.

Drive down costs

Nexthink enables public sector IT to drive down both operational costs and hardware costs.

Transforming IT visibility with Nexthink at University of Derby.

Watch our short video and learn how the University of Derby are using Nexthink to get a better understanding of their entire IT estate at the touch of a button. See how they can access and report on critical, real-time data within minutes, while improving the student experience.

Neeko Technology Services are the authorised distributor and reseller of Nexthink, the leading end-user IT analytics tool, to the UK public sector, including higher education, local authorities and the emergency services.

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