Helping the public sector deliver a better IT experience.

We specialise in using the latest technologies to help public sector organisations improve how they use IT, to offer a better end-user experience, improve operational efficiencies and drive down overall costs.

Software delivery solutions for the public sector…

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Central government


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Our technologies…

We work closely with our technology partners, AppsAnywhere and Nexthink, to deliver solutions that fix real world problems faced by Public Sector IT organisations across the country.


Say hello to AppsAnywhere…

The easy way to deliver and manage all of your software apps.

Reduce license costs

Know exactly what your software license estate looks like? Get informed metrics to reduce what you spend on software.

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Increase IT efficiency

Deploying apps on-demand reduces your image size by 75% and cuts the time it takes to package software by up to 50%.

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Empower your workforce

Self-service access to software mobilises the workforce and increases productivity. Get apps to people quicker, anywhere.

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Move to Windows 10 and take all your apps with you.

Your software estate shouldn’t be what’s holding up your migration project. Migrate 100% of apps to Windows 10, even those tricky legacy applications and software designed for XP, Vista or 7.


Reduce costs and increase IT efficiency. Simple.

We all know about austerity. It’s a horrible word. App stores genuinely drive down costs, by freeing up valuable computing space for other uses and by reducing expensive unused assets.


Mobilise your workforce and enable ‘hotdesking’.

AppsAnywhere provides the 21st Century IT flexibility that modern employees crave. Users can access the software they need, wherever they need it, on their own device, anytime.


An intuitive experience that makes IT easier for all.

Self-service access to software isn’t just a nice-to-have; it fundamentally increases productivity and reduces downtime, by providing a single point of access for all enterprise apps.


“AppsAnywhere has cut down my workload quite significantly and given me much better reporting than I had before. Students love the ability to access the applications they need when and where they need it. Our academics are describing it as a game-changer!”
Trudy Newton, Head of IT Service Delivery

Streamlining application deployment to 38,000 users at the City of Copenhagen.

Learn more about how AppsAnywhere has helped one of Europe’s largest public sector organisations improve how it delivers apps across 70 different buildings across the city.

Improving the IT experience at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Watch our video and learn how a leading Scottish Modern University is improving the IT experience for both students and staff by making apps available on any device, anywhere.

How we can help you…


OS migration made easy

Separate your software from your OS to make upgrading to new versions of Windows an easier process. And thanks to Cloudpaging you can also run legacy business software on the latest operating system.

Software licensing controls

Comply with vendors’ licensing restrictions on a per-app basis, to guarantee license compliance, including setting location, device and OS restrictions.

Reduce helpdesk support calls

Self-service access to apps reduces the number of calls to the IT helpdesk for software requests and makes employees’ IT experience even better.

Increased IT security

Managing your organisation’s apps from a central location means you can quickly update all your software to the latest versions and deploy them automatically to your workforce, wherever they are.

Customisable branding

Customise your app store with your organisation’s corporate branding, including company colours and logos, to give people a recognisable portal.

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Our latest resources in application deliver and IT analytics.

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