Deploy software more efficiently.


Cut packaging time

Save time on packaging applications by up to 50%

Reduce image size

Deploying apps on demands helps to reduce your image by up to 75%

Fewer support calls

Making software easy-to-access reduces the amount of support calls

1 place for all apps

Manage, update and deploy all your apps from one central location

Seamless integration with your current IT infrastructure.

AppsAnywhere integrates with a variety of software deployment technologies, including application virtualisation, virtual desktop infrastructure and RDS. Deploy and manage all your apps from one central location, and make accessing software much easier for users.

Update apps like never before.

Because your software estate is centrally-managed, updating applications becomes an easy task. All you need to do is prepare the updated application for delivery and add it to AppsAnywhere. The next time someone goes to use the app, they’ll see the updated version listed in your app store.

And thanks to next-generation application virtualisation technology, you can even choose to have two totally different versions of the same app side-by-side, for those users who need to use an older version.

Informed metrics and reporting.

Can you confidently say you know exactly what your software estate looks like? AppsAnywhere presents a range of real-time statistics so you can understand which apps are being used and which aren’t. Having metrics such as peak license concurrency right at your fingertips can change how you see your software and licensing.

Cut the time it takes to package.

Packaging software can take up a lot of IT’s time, using legacy application virtualisation technologies. By using next-generation tools such as Cloudpaging, you can slash the time it takes to get apps ready to roll out to users.

Reduce your image size by up to 75%.

By deploying your apps on demand, you no longer need to install them in your base image. Virtualizing your application estate dramatically reduces your overall image size, to a fraction of what it was before.

Simplify the onboarding process.

Getting software to new starters can be challenging for IT. Requests for specific apps to be installed or provisioned by a certain time causes uncecessary headaches and work. With AppsAnywhere, just set which group the new user is a part of and they’ll be presented with an available list of apps.

Transform how you deploy and manage software.

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