Improve IT security by deploying the latest apps and software updates.

Quickly update and roll-out the latest versions of software

Managing apps from a central location means you can quickly update and install new applications, and automatically deploy them to all users.

Prevent unauthorised software downloads from the web

Point users to the exact location of downloadable apps to prevent them from accidentally installing malware and viruses.

Migrate all your apps to Windows 10 for added security

Thanks to Cloudpaging, you can finally migrate to Windows 10 and take all your legacy Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 apps with you.

Consumer simplicity with corporate security.

AppsAnywhere makes the process of getting and using software easy for your workforce; its intuitive app store-style user interface is exactly what the 21st century IT consumer knows and loves. Alongside that it’s been designed and built with corporate-grade security at heart, so you can be sure in the knowledge that your application estate and how your users access it isn’t a cause for concern.

Auto-deploy the latest versions of software.

Having a centrally-managed software estate means you can update your apps whenever you need to. And by auto-deploying those updated apps to your users, you can guarantee everyone is using the latest version or patch without them needing to do anything at all! The next time they login to get their apps, users will be presented with up-to-date software.

Make the move to Windows 10.

Making the move to the latest Windows OS can often seem like a big task when it comes to migrating your software estate. The reality is that with support for legacy operating systems being reduced and fewer security updates released from Microsoft, migrating to Windows 10 is a priority for the public sector.

By separating your software from the OS using application virtualisation, migrating to any new OS becomes a whole lot easier. And by using AppsAnywhere to have one point of access for all your apps, your workforce’s user experience of accessing software is consistent and familiar, whether it’s Windows 10 or any future version.


Migrate 100% of apps

Move all your apps to Windows 10, even those which are only compatible with Windows XP, Vista or 7.


Simplify the migration process

Separate your application layer from your OS and simplify software migration for years to come.

Use legacy software securely on the latest version of Windows.

Using Cloudpaging application virtualisation technology you can get your legacy software titles (even those written for DOS) working on the latest version of Windows, to guarantee application compliance.

Force updates to guarantee that only the latest versions are being used.

Update apps and push them out from a central location and stop old software versions from being a security vulnerability.

Employees know exactly where to get the software they need.

By having one place to go to get all software, users don’t need to go looking for download files on the world-wide-web. So you can prevent unauthorised downloads of unapproved files.

Access applications off-site in a highly secured environment.

Securely deploy applications that process and handle sensitive data to devices off-site

Securely deploy and access work software.

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