Use the IT you’ve already got, better.

Reduce the size of your existing desktop PC estate

Enable 21st century ways of working like hot-desking to cut the size of your estate.

Save money on software licenses with real-time reporting

Get in-depth reports about software usage and see where you can save money on licensing.

Make your current RDS or VDI infrastructure more effective

Deploy apps on demand using application virtualisation to streamline your current setup.

Make the most of your current app delivery tools.

By virtualising your applications you can reduce the complexity of your existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Separate the apps from the OS and deliver them via AppsAnywhere virtually, to either scale down your current setup or utilise it more effectively for other purposes.

Stop paying for software you don’t use.

AppsAnywhere’s graphical dashboard gives you real-time data, so you can quickly see which apps are and, more importantly, which apps are not being used. Save money by reducing the number of software devices licenses you’re paying for or by switching to a concurrent license model.

More flexibility means fewer desktops.

It’s a simple concept: deploying apps to any device anywhere helps you free up both your physical estate (computer desks) and the size of your desktop estate. Enabling flexible working policies like hot-desking and remote working means your IT need to manage fewer machines, too.

Access software on any device.

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