Say hello to a new way of working.

Work on any device.

By separating apps from the individual machines, users can access the software they need on any device. Your workforce are no longer tied to a specific set of computers for specific apps, they can be available from anywhere, anytime. And what’s more, there’s one consistent point of access for all their apps, regardless of the device they’re using.

Enable hot-desking and reduce desktop estate.

Historically, public sector organisations have worked of a 1:1 employee to desk ratio: each employee had to have their own desk to work. With AppsAnywhere, the public sector can reduce the size of their desktop estate to cut costs and to streamline the management of IT.

Let your apps follow you.

Your users should need to go looking for their software; their software should come to them. AppsAnywhere can be used to deploy 100% of the apps your workforce uses, including Microsoft Office, the Adobe CC suite and complex engineering software like AutoCAD.

Work on-site, off-site, on-the-go or at home.

Technology should be there to help and make life easier for people. Making your apps available on-demand from AppsAnywhere isn’t just great for office-based workers, but your IT becomes flexible enough to enable and support 21st century ways of working.

Embrace 21st century working.

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